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Business Electricity and Gas Prices

We compare all business energy suppliers in the UK giving you the cheapest gas & electricity quotes. Whether your business is small medium or large the service is impartial, professional and impartial you will receive your business energy quote immediately. Simply fill the form below to receive your competitive quote.

Switchit4u is here to help your business save money! Electricity and gas prices are costing many companies a huge chunk of their profits because they do not know how to negotiate cheaper tariffs or where to go when comparing suppliers but you can address this issue with a little research. is amongst the UK’s leading business utility agencies and in a nutshell we can save you money by reducing the costs that ‘go out the backdoor’. Almost every area is tremendously competitive these days so the advice and services we offer enable you to save money in the long run. The advice and services we offer are primarily centred on the management of the supply chain for your utilities and as we have expert knowledge in business electricity and gas prices you can be assured that you are getting the best prices possible for what is an essential element of any business. Business gas and electricity costs can rise extensively if not managed accurately and this is not entirely due to increased consumption but also new pricing structures from the providers. Our main aim as a business is to free up your time to work on your business instead of spending valuable time trying to make a business electric and gas comparison, we know the sector and we have the experience so let us take the strain and arm you with the information so you can make an informed choice. If you have any questions relating to any aspect of the service we provide please contact us either by e-mail or by phone 0161 751 2571,0207 781 6085.

Why pay more?

Although it is generally an overwhelming and lengthy process if you are not familiar with the industry. The time you spend trying to find and compare the different business energy suppliers can prove to be costly, especially if you can spend your time more productively doing other things, like what you do best “running your business”. Our core service is reducing your business costs and as a result can provide you with a number of bespoke options that are applicable to the needs of your company. Electricity for business is big business and finding the appropriate provider can be a potential minefield for the inexperienced, this is where our industry specific knowledge and experience comes into its own. Supply contracts that may have been suitable for your business two years ago may not be suitable now and as part of our service will present you with a series of options in order to save your business money. Of course you are in no way obliged to act upon any recommendations. Again, if you do need any further information and cannot see it detailed on our website please drop us a line and we will endeavour to answer all your questions regardless of what they may be.

Reducing Costs

Switched on businesses are looking to reduce costs in some way and a good place to start is your current business electricity and gas prices. There are a number of business electric suppliers out there all waiting for your business, the hardest part is finding a provider that meets your needs and budget, we can help. We search the whole market on your behalf and due to our unique business set up we are able to evaluate your current business electric and gas prices and compare business gas prices with other suppliers in the market. If you can find a more comprehensive business utilities agency who offers the same level of service as ourselves we would be extremely surprised. Your confidence in us will be reinforced by your very first contact, you will not talk to a machine or wait for a week for someone to get back to you but receive a prompt response from an industry expert almost instantly. Should you feel we have not lived up to your expectations in any way please contact us and tell us about it. Your feedback enables us to continue to improve the service we offer and ultimately provide business electricity and gas consumers with more choice and ultimately reduced costs. If you are pleased with the service we offer and the savings negotiated we can also help to reduce your household utility bills.

Business Gas and Electricity

The rise and popularity of the internet, finding cheap business electricity has never been easier, the hardest part is actually knowing what or who to search for, we can ease this problem to some extent. On your behalf we compare the rates charged by business suppliers but to do this effectively we need some information from you. A few examples of the things we need to know are current consumption and your present supplier details. We then use this information in order to find you a better deal and finally save your business money. We know that in order to retain your business on a long term basis we need to provide you with the best options for electricity and gas that’s why we only quote the cheapest prices on the market at the time of your enquiry.

The Experts

Failure to research adequately can potentially leave you facing higher costs than you were initially paying, this is obviously a scenario that is worth avoiding at all costs so consult the experts at in the first instance rather than the last. Business gas and electricity is a major outlay for any company and as a result it is essential to get relevant and up to date advice and information prior to parting with any money. If your consumption levels are particularly high you could start saving almost immediately so please don’t delay, call us today for a no obligation discussion as to your requirements. When calling please make sure that you have the relevant information relating to your current provider to hand. It could be the most cost effective call you make this year!

Start Saving Today

By calling the experts at without delay you can take the first step in making considerable savings today. Many people delay until their current contract expires, this is a mistake. By looking into the alternatives provided by other business electricity providers in advance you can give yourself a head start in regard to finding the best supplier for your specific needs. Many people wrongly assume that business electric and gas is something of a ‘one size fits all’ sector, this is wrong. Depending on your consumption levels the prices quoted can differ extensively, for example a company with 3000 employees would choose a different business gas electric provider to an SME whose requirements are generally in the small business gas bracket. Householders will probably need to source a different business electric supplier from the aforementioned as the consumption levels from a home office are likely to be minimal. Whatever your requirements may be, big, small or individual, make sure you do the necessary research and make your first port of call. Our site is designed to be as user friendly as possible.

Compare Business Electricity & Gas Prices and Suppliers

At it takes just five minutes to get a quote for your business. No matter how big or small your business we will find the cheapest energy prices for you (That’s a FACT!) We pride ourselves on getting the best prices possible for your gas and electricity.  Business electricity and gas prices have been increasing over the last few years, but it’s not all terrible news. As a result of more competition between gas and electricity suppliers, you could be making massive savings on your business electricity and gas, simply by switching to a different energy supplier.

To get the cheapest prices on your business electricity and gas, takes time and know-how, time you could be spending on what you know best “running your business”. But don’t fall into the trap of sticking with your energy supplier – let do what we do best getting the best price for your business.

At Switchit4u, we provide independent advice and support to get the best business electricity and gas prices for your company – and we’ll even handle the paperwork for you.

Price Comparison - How much do prices differ for businesses?

The prices that suppliers charge for business electricity, business gas can vary extraordinarily. It's not bizarre for one commercial property to be paying three times the rate as the commercial property next door. This can be for a number of reasons but the most common is that the business paying the highest prices forgot to negotiate a better deal at the end of their contract and has probably been rolled over in to high prices for electricity and gas by his current supplier. This is why it is paramount that you know when your business energy contract expires and more importantly when to serve your notice of termination.

What rates are available to me?

In the current climate most energy suppliers require your business to have a minimum credit rating - so the better credit rating you have the more access you will have to all the suppliers’ prices. Other variables that determine how cheap business energy prices each business is eligible for include: postcode, business type (sole trader, Ltd etc), sector (retail, manufacturing etc), annual consumption (average for an SME is 25,000 kWh/year), meter profile (the first two digits in a meter reference number range from 00-08 which is a classification related to consumption - most small businesses are 03/04 profile) and payment terms (direct debit being best).

How do I get a quote?

We ask customers to get a recent copy of their business electricity, business gas bill and we can usually quote immediately over the phone based on a search of the cheapest electric and gas suppliers in the market. Our system is updated daily with new prices from across the whole market - including all of the 'Big 6' electric and gas providers. The quote will factor the savings you can expect from the rates we have presented. If you like the quote, we will organize the contract between you and the supplier and work to make sure that the transfer happens smoothly. Our opening hours are 9.00am-5pm Monday- Friday. Free phone 0161 751 2571,0207 781 6085 or if you prefer to fill out the short form above we will send you your quote immediately.

The 'Big 6'?

E.on (also known as Powergen)
Npower (also known as RWE)
Scottish & Southern (also know as SSE, incorporating Southern Electric, Scottish Hydro Electric, SWALEC, Atlantic Electric & Gas.)
Scottish Power
EDF (incorporating London Energy, SWEB and Seeboard)
British Gas (incorporating Scottish Gas, Electricity for Business, Bizzenergy, Enron and Electricity Direct)

How do I know that your prices are the best deal for me? is 100% independent and impartial. 99.99% of all quotes given ours are always the cheapest (That’s a FACT!) We work for you not the energy companies. In some cases the rates we have from suppliers have been negotiated and are exclusive to We're committed to offering you the lowest price and will always present the best available deals for you, no matter what commission we are being offered by suppliers.

How much does your service cost?

Our service is completely impartial! Switchit4u receives a small introducer fee from the Gas or electricity supplier that wins your business, once we have successfully transferred you to them as a customer.

Why do you need my MPR/MPAN number?

Your MPR/MPAN has an exclusive meter reference number, which confirms your meter type and consumption, which supply area you are in and what kind of business electricity and gas customer you are?  It ensures that Switchit4u will quote you the correct electric and gas prices.

What does a meter reference number (MPAN) look like?

The number will start with an 'S' and is usually on a bill.






0003        4945


How can I find out my contract end date?

If you are uncertain whether you are currently in contract or don't know when it expires, you can find out from your energy supplier who will tell you exactly when you will need to serve a termination notice or you can authorise us to find out on your behalf. (0161 751 2571,0207 781 6085)

Switch it 4u, is the UK’s leading independent business electricity and gas comparison service. We have access to the cheapest business electricity and gas prices in the UK and can find you the cheapest business electricity and gas prices. Often the prices we have are exclusive and cheaper than anyone else’s. (That’s a FACT!) Every week, hundreds of businesses like yours use our service to save money or check their current rates. Many save up to 45%.

In office hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm), the quickest way to start saving is to call us straight away on 0161 751 2571,0207 781 6085 with a copy of a recent bill to hand. Outside office hours please fill out the form above and we will get back to you as soon as we reopen.

Our team of business energy advisors will re-examine your current charges and calculate how much you can save. The service is impartial, impartial and you will receive your quote immediately. If you accept the quote offered, we will oversee all elements of the supplier transfer for you. So why wait? Please call us now on 0161 751 2571,0207 781 6085.

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